Easter Rocky Roads with Poundland

Posted on 2nd April 2024

We’re back again with some fun Easter baking! A great activity to do with the kids while they are off school.

Poundland have a fantastic selection of baking equipment and ingredients to make some lovely sweet treats.

Today we’re trying out Rocky Roads (my favourite!), a quick and easy recipe.

Warning: This could get messy…

Ok, enough chat, let’s hop in!


200g digestive biscuits (Poundland own brand 50p)

135g butter (Kerrymaid butter £1.75)

200g chocolate – ideally dark chocolate but any chocolate works! (95g Dairy Milk £1.50, maybe grab 2 bars just in case £3)

2-3 tbsp honey (£1)

100g mini marshmallows or chopped regular marshmallows work too (£1)

(You can add raisins, cherries etc but due to my own personal preference, they are not included, apologises!)


Tin (£1.75)

Bowl (£1.50)

Wooden spoon (60p)

Baking paper (£1)

Mixing bowl (£1.50)


  1. Grab your butter and grease up your baking tin and line
  2. Next place 200g digestive biscuits in a freezer bag and bash with a rolling pin or just the side of your fist until they’re broken up. If you bought normal sized marshmallows, cut them up into smaller pieces and then leave to the side.
  3. After that, it’s time to melt your butter, chocolate and honey. Do this over a gentle heat, stirring constantly so you don’t burn it! Do this until there are no lumps and bumps. Once that’s completed, leave it to the side to cool down.
  4. Then let’s take our crushed-up biscuits and marshmallows, and add them to our melted chocolate. Stir it all together until everything is completely covered.
  5. Last step, add the mixture into the lined baking tin, and spread it out to the corners. Chill for at least 2 hrs then cut it up!
  6. Bonus step… ENJOY!


Ingredients: £7.25

Equipment: £5.35

Total cost: £12.60

If you made these lovely Rocky Roads, we’d love to see! Tag us in a pic over on Instagram @castlecourtbelfast

Have a wonderful Easter from us here at CastleCourt Shopping Centre xx