The Hayfever Battle with Holland and Barrett

Posted on 14th May 2024

We all know a victim of hayfever… And if we don’t know one, it’s probably you!

Once again, we are chatting to the wonderful Rachael from Holland and Barrett. She’s giving us some expert store advice on how you can fight off the hayfever this year.

“It’s that time of year again! if you’re one of the lucky ones plagued with hayfever every year as spring comes in, fear not! We have a great range in store to help you out.” (Rachael knows the score!)

“Bee pollen has traditionally been used to prevent hayfever- think of it as exposure therapy!

When you gradually introduce it to your body, it won’t come as such a shock to the system when it’s suddenly in the air again! We stock capsules and edible granules, which are perfect to add to your smoothies or morning porridge.”

“Haymax is a barrier balm suitable for absolutely everyone- adults and children alike, safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and safe for use with medication.  This magical balm

Is placed around the nostrils and under the eyes to physically trap allergens and stop them in their tracks! It’s a super alternative for those who can’t take traditional medications, super handy to pop in your bag, in the car, in the nappy bag. We carry a few variations too so you can find the one which works best for you!”

“If none of those have done it for you, give Quercetin a go. This is a more natural alternative to traditional antihistamines. Our customers use Quercetin to protect against allergens, it’s also a super antioxidant to boost your immune system!”

Pop in to Holland and Barrett CastleCourt and get your hayfever ammo from our super staff!