Founded in 1988 in the USA, the home of tasty grab and go snacking, Auntie Anne’s has grown from humble beginnings in a Pennsylvanian Farmers Market to become a multinational snack food brand with over 1,200 stores in 24 countries.

They sell a mixture of sweet and savoury, freshly baked hand rolled pretzels. For many consumers in the UK soft, freshly baked pretzels will be a new product to them. Aunti Anne’s products are made fresh on site, not reheated and as such are never more than 30 minutes out of the oven!

The pretzels are mixed, twisted, baked and served fresh on site making them a unique offering in today’s busy shopping centre, high street, train station or airport environment.

At Auntie Anne’s they operate a basic threefold philosophy which is that they serve fresh, golden brown Pretzels, with friendly courteous customer service, from a sparkling clean store. These simple, core values are as true today as in 1988 and they now hand make over 250,000 pretzels every day in their network of stores across the world.