Water Works Workshops

Posted on 10th May 2024

PS2 have announced new Belfast 2024 project, Water Works… Located right here in CastleCourt!

What is this? 

This project space here in CastleCourt is a showroom for the small boats produced so far in workshops with school children, women’s groups, Men’s Shed members, and the general public.

It is also a workshop space, and a place for presentations and talks. Everyone is welcome whatever your age, skill level or interest!

All workshops are free, and all materials are provided – just drop-in and have some fun!

What is it for?

A quote from the PS2 website:

“Our city is built on water. We are planning a mass-participation project which reimagines our maritime traditions with citywide events, workshops, and an ambition to build 10,000 boats for Belfast – from life-size skiffs, to milk-bottle rafts, Coke-can dinghies and shoebox yachts. Water Works aims to reinvigorate our relationship with water in the city, forming a stronger link to waterbodies both large and small, showcasing the potential of our water systems to educate, entertain, include, and to imagine a more sustainable future.”

Workshops Times

Tuesday 11am – 1pm

Boat Club with Peter

Boat Club is a casual series of free workshops for toy boat building. It is aimed for people who have time in the morning, are keen on making and like to have some company whilst constructing.

The building of many small boats, apart from some big ones, is an easy way to claim access to the river Lagan in an event in August. You don’t need any technical expertise, and all materials are provided.


Wednesday 3pm – 5pm

Make sail with Jane!

All hands, make sail, ahoy! This open-to-all workshop does exactly what it says on the tin – come and design and decorate your own sail for display in our CastleCourt space, Here’s One I Made Earlier.

Whether you are making small sails for a little boat, or would like to contribute to a gigantic patchwork sail, we would love to sea you (get it?). Our massive, collaborative sail will be part of our event in August, where we’ll set off 10,000 boats on the Lagan, accompanied by performances and processions.

Pop in while we’ve got these fabulous folk in!

Keep up to date with workshops via CastleCourt’s social media.