VILA which began in 1994, is a Danish family owned retail brand located in Jutland. Operating for over 20 years, VILA pride themselves on stocking feminine fashion with a focus on quality, design and details. Today, VILA have a number of shops located across Europe.

VILA believe that femininity is the perfect balance between being delicate, graceful and confident. It is a balance, which is expressed in all of their fabrics and styles. It’s the little details that make all the difference, both in their clothes and the people who wear them.

Today shoppers across Ireland can enjoy VILA’s daring colours and timeless styles. Their dress selection is home to a range of classics; from day-to-day tunics and knit dresses to leather skirts and sequin dresses. Likewise, their outerwear range provides a great mix of jackets and coats to choose from all year round.